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  • WordPress SEO Optimization: add og protocol tag

    If you look at the source code of some mainstream web sites, you can often see some meta tags of og: type, og: title and og: image in the HTTP header. What are these OG? What's the usage? In view of these problems, the insect fungus has sorted out the following information for you. What is OG protocol? After adding the og protocol, the head tag in the head of the web page source code will have the above effect. These OGS are short for open graph protocol, which was...

    Technical Articles 02/03/2021
  • WordPress SEO Optimization: adding canonical tags to pure code

    Adding canonical tag to a website is a very important step in SEO optimization. rel = "canonical" can solve the problem of weight dispersion caused by different URLs but repeated content. At present, Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other search engines have supported this tag. Example demonstration https://www.nicebrian.com/ In order to avoid the dispersion of the weight of the home page, we should tell the search engine through the rrel = "canonical" tag that the weight of these two pages is mainly concentrated in the first web site. <link rel="canonical"...